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Mikela Lickollari

Mikela Lickollari , Administrator

Q: How has high school been so far?

A: The days are pretty long for Mikela and she thinks it's just scary that we have to start growing up.

Q: Do you enjoy your classes/are you adjusting to them?

A: For Mikela It’s easy to adjust because she knows the school and most of the things going on in her classes.

Q: What are you most ready for this year/what are you least ready for this year?

A: Mikela is ready for Graduation and/or Prom, but she is least looking forward to the end of high school because it’s scary to leave.

Q: After high school, what college are you planning to attend and what will be your major?

A: Mikela wants to attend Rutgers and she wants to major in Bio.

Q: If you had to have another career choice or dream job, what would it be?

A: She would like to be an artist and own my her own art museum.

Q: Are you ready for the adult life?

A: For Mikela, it's hard and scary due to bills and money.

Interviewed by Robert Clark 

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