A Day in the Life of Paulette Gando


Junior, Paulette Gando has been told by many people that she has a way with words. Throughout her three years in Lodi High School, she has developed a deep appreciation for motivational public speaking. Paulette wants to encourage and possibly change the life of many individuals.

“It makes me feel that I am doing something good for myself and others,” Paulette stated.

Not only does she say she wants to help people, but Paulette has involved herself in many public speaking competitions. When Paulette saw other people public speaking she was motivated to compete. The topics she enjoys discussing include how not to give up and her favorite topic, love.

She said,” If you don’t give with love you are not really giving.”

Two of the many stages that Paulette has taken are the Teen Arts and Fine Arts. Her most successful moment is when she went on to Nationals and won second place. Competing has made Paulette a much stronger and tougher person.

Paulette shared, “I think this [public speaking] helps me by having tough skin and rejecting the negative comments towards me because they are not very important.”