Taste of the World


On Dec. 18, the ESL department had its second annual international party. For anyone who received a passport and got passed security, they were able to experience parts of the world that were only a classroom away. The seventeen countries presented in the celebration displayed the diversity of Lodi High School. The ESL teacher and international party coordinator, Mrs. Vado, said, “The ESL students are some of the best students in Lodi High School. They offer and showcase so much diversity to the school.” This event is a chance to not only get to know the ESL students better but to also learn about the various home countries presented at the party. When first walking in, the classroom was filled with beautiful decorations from all of the different countries, each having their own station where they displayed their signature foods and country flag.

Venezuela:  Presenting the country of Venezuela was Daniel Pestana. Venezeula is know for being home to the world’s highest waterfall and of course the food! Daniel Pestana brought in different types of food such as Arepas, Empandas, and Tenqueños.

Uruguay: The second station was hosted by Ignacio Gimeno from Uruguay. Uruguay is one of the few countries who has two world cups! At this station, Ignacio brought in Croissant Dulce and Manesas.

Peru: In Peru, the station was presented by Naomy Marcelo and Nicole Marcelo. The two girls brought Chaufa and Causa. We learned that potatoes actually originated from Peru.

Cuba: Cuba, which is the largest Island in the Caribbean, was presented by Damaris Fernandez and Robert Fernandez. The two boys brought in Flan and Croquettes.

Bolivia: The next station was presented by Damaris Espinoza is Bolivia, which has 37 official langauges! Damaris brought in Aji de Fideo, Humintas, and Mocochinchi.

Tajikistan: A new country presented this year was Tajikistan. The country is surrounded by mountains and some even say that they have seen the legendary Yeti in the Pamir Mountains of Tajikistan. Presented by Shaboz Umarov and Manuchehr Umarov, the Tajikistan station consisted of foods such as Sambusa and Osh!

Dominican Republic: The next country was the Dominican Republic. It was presented by Sheyla Valenzuela, Blanca Fabian, Karla Perez, Jennifer Santos, Jonathan Garcia, Luis Gonzalez, Mayra Blanco, Johassen Andrickson, Jose Ortiz, and Emilia Jimeno. The station consisted of Rice and Beans, Mangu, Pastelon, and a Dominican cake. In the Dominican Republic, coffee is a major source of income for the country.

Mexico: The next country, Mexico, was presented by Juan Ramirez. Juan brought in tacos which were accompanied by different types of sauces. The country of Mexico is built over the ruins of an Aztec city called Tenochtitlán.

Ecuador: Ecuador was presented by Julio Flores, Yanara Burgos, and Lerly Mendozaz. The station had food different food options, such as Mote Pillo, Pan de Almidon, and Tortilla de Yuca. A major delicacy in Ecuador is cuy, which is Guinea pig.

El Salvador: El Salvador, the smallest country in Central American, was presented by Geovanny Cativo and Edwin Arias. These students presented a popular plate from their home country called panes rellenos.

Colombia: The next station, Colombia, had a large student representation: Steven Osorio, Natalia Moreno, Angie Guerra, Mateo Vidal, Michel Ramirez, Juan Jose Giraldo, Juan Jose Balvin, Liana Martinez, and Santiago Vasquez. Some of the food showcased was empanadas, chicharron, chorizo, arepa, arequipe, and bocadillo! The traditional national sport of Colombia is called Tejo.

Italy: Italy was presented by Sauro Tosti who brought in a traditional dish of pasta and sauce and also an Italian cookie. While Italy is know for romance,  it is also home to the three active volcano in Europe.

France: The country that shared the station with Italy was France. The student presenting for France was Andres Balvin. Andres brought in macaroons, croissant, and cafe francais. The country of France was home to the oldest women, who passed away at the age of 122!

Albania:  The country next to France was Albania. The students representing this country were Kim Hoxhaj, Enedja Zeqollari, and Erika Lazellari. The food presented was byrek, trileçe, mantia, kifle, and cake. A very interesting fact about Albania is that in 1991 the country had only 3,000 cars!

India: The next country was India, which has the largest number of vegetarians in the world. The two students representing India were Harmit Parmar and Binni Prajapati. The station consisted of traditional savory and sweet plates, such as bataka vada, chevdo, and penda.

Jordan: Jordan was represented by Futoon Alsurakhi who brought in layali lubnan and tabuleh. Jordan is home to the lowest point one earth, the Dead Sea!

Pakistan: Students, Musa Mateen and Najam Arshad represented Pakistan! The food they shared was traditional Pakistani chicken, chicken kabab, biryani, and samosa. The most popular sport in Pakistan is cricket! 

Egypt: Egypt was represented by Dena Elmedarwy! Dena brought malfuf! An interesting fact about Egypt is that Ancient Egypt had over 700 hieroglyphics!

Palestine: The last place on our journey was Palestine, represented by Abed Ahmad. The food Abed shared was hummus, flafel, shawarma chicken and beef. While last on our international feast, Palestine is where humans first inhabited.

The international celebration is always an unforgettable experience. Thank you to Mrs. Vado and to all of the students involved for bringing a taste of the world to LHS!