The Lodi Rampage

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Michelle Wilson

Michelle Wilson , Writer

Q. What do you see yourself doing in the future and why?

A. "I see myself working in a physical therapy office. I would want to help people get better."

Q. Does having a popular brother as a teacher in the school give you any advantages?

A. "No, because I am a normal student just like everyone else; teachers actually expect more from me."

Q.What is your favorite sport other than soccer?

A. "Basketball and also Track & Field, even though I stopped playing basketball my freshman year. I started track my sophomore year."

Q.Why is soccer your favorite?

A. "I grew a passion for the sport as I was little and played ever since I was three."

Q. What do you like to do on your free time?

A. "I like to listen to music, and I especially love hanging out with my friends."

Interviewed by Mikeal Miller




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