A Day in the of Alexandra Canario: A Future Airman

Most of those who want to serve in the military join the Marines or Army. However, senior, Alexandra Canario’s passion is the Air Force. Alexandra first learned about the air force a year ago, when she visited her mom on her job. There Alexandra met a friend who has had many years of experience being in the Air Force, and from him she received advice on how she can join. Alexandra’s interest grew more and more each day and she learned to love this branch of the military.

“When I first went to my mother’s job and saw the many different occupations that the Air Force offered, it instantly grabbed my attention. At first, I never though I would join the military, but the Air Force is something different,” she shared.

Alexandra is very interested in mechanics, which goes very well with what she wants to peruse. She would like to train to become an aircraft maintenance officer. This position plays a very huge role into aircraft’s that the Air Force uses. An aircraft maintenance officer makes sure that every machine and aircraft is in perfect working order. They perform inspections that are crucial for operations to be safe and successful. Alexandra is exited and glad to join the military and to serve her country.