A Day in the Life of Mr. Castro

The World Language department is so important and valuable to Lodi High School. Learning a new language leads to many opportunities and advantages for the LHS students. Mr. Castro is one of four in the world language department where he teaches Spanish. Mr. Castro knows first hand the importance of learning different languages.

Originally from a Colombian family but born in Venezuela, English is Mr. Castro’s second language. He was inspired to become an educator by the teachers that first taught him English here in New Jersey. Those teachers not only taught him a new language but also the value of an education and the importance of attending college.

Mr. Castro chose to teach a language so that could give back to the community by helping others just like his teachers did when he was first learning English. In a way Mr. Castro relates to the students he teaches since he was once sitting where they were.

Mr. Castro also has a passion for Spanish that was instilled in him by his father. “I remember my dad reading books and I wanted to read what he was reading. I became an avid reader because of my dad as he introduced me to some of the best authors from Latin American, like Gabriel García Márquez, Mario Vargas Llosa and Miguel de Cervantes,” Mr.Castro shared.

Mr. Castro’s first step to becoming a teacher was attending Bergen Community College. There he graduated with an Associates degree. After BCC, Mr. Castro transferred to Kean University were he graduated as a member of the Spanish Honor Society.

While Spanish and English are his main languages, he has been exposed to many others. For instance Mr. Castro is currently learning Ukrainian because his fiancé is from Ukraine. He has also had the opportunity to travel to Thailand. There he had a some difficulty picking up on the language. In his opinion, it’s one of the hardest languages to learn; overall the reading, writing, and the speaking is very complex!

To anyone who is trying to learn a new language, Mr. Castro says to have an open mind –it’s needed to be prepared and willing to try. To learn a new language, it not only takes commitment, dedication, and practice, but also having a positive attitude goes a long way.