A Day in the Life of Kevin Tailor

Valentine’s Day for, LHS student, Kevin Tailor has been nothing but memorable. Kevin’s first and best Valentine’s Day was when he lived in Chicago. Kevin was only in seventh grade when he began to date Megan. Kevin asked Megan if she would be his Valentine the day before the holiday of love. She answered with yes and the next day Megan gave Kevin a card and a gift. Kevin was of course very flattered that she gave him a gift, but there was a bit of a problem for Kevin. He had forgotten to get Megan a gift in return. Kevin remembers that his mom gave him a lollipop and it was unopened. He gave her the lollipop and saved Valentine’s Day! Later that day Kevin and Megan shared their first kiss. 

Kevin’s worse Valentine’s Day was when his plans got ruined. Kevin had asked Megan again to be his Valentine. This time they planned to go to the park to hang out. They were out of luck because a few minutes before they were planning to go to the park it started to rain. They could no longer do anything so Kevin ended up being alone. 

“The best way to spend Valentine’s Day is to have a romantic dinner.” Kevin’s ideal Valentine’s Day is to take a girl out to a romantic dinner. He believes that Valentine’s Day is the one day that someone can do something out of the ordinary.