A Day in the Life of Yasmin Elfeky

img_0449-2Lodi High School contains many great students within its walls. Students that are determined and passionate about LHS sports. One of the many students is, junior, Yasmin Elfeky.  Yasmin is the  goalkeeper and vice-captain for the girl’s varsity soccer team. Yasmin started to play soccer when she was only five. She began to participate in indoor soccer  from kindergarten to fourth grade. During fifth grade, Yasmin began to play recreational soccer. She stopped playing in a team for a couple of years, but that didn’t prevent her from training at home. It was clear from the start that Yasmin has much love for this sport. When Yasmin is on the soccer field she is carefree.

“It helps me to release all my stress during the game,” she said.

For Yasmin, soccer is not the only sport she enjoys. When winter comes, Yasmin is involved in the girl’s basketball team. Since sports play such a major role in her life, Yasmin would like to pursue a career in the future that involves sports. She is not completely sure, but a physical therapist is in her interest.

Even though being an athlete is a major part of Yasmin’s life, it can also take its toll. Yasmin would like to have more free time to focus more on her studies and researching different careers and colleges. Since sports take most of her after school time she has not had many chances to do so.

Between school and sports, Yasmin is passionate for a cause that has affected her personally. When Yasmin chose to wear her hijab she wasn’t confident enough to play any sports. Yasmin later realized that she can do anything she sets her heart to and a hijab was not to limit her but to make her a stronger and a unique person.

“If you want to do something don’t let anyone stop you,” she said.

Yasmin believes that a woman should not stop themselves because of what they wear. She believes that a woman should not hold back on their goals just because they are women. Yasmin Elfeky has overcome many obstacles to become such an amazing athlete and person, and she has more to come.