A Day in the Life of Foti Vesho


img_0243The classrooms of Lodi High School contain more than just desks and chairs –they comprise students that make LHS not only a place of learning but also a place of diversity. Senior, Foti Vesho is one of the many pupils who is part of such diversity. Foti has had a more exciting life than most teens. During the summer of 2008, when Foti was only nine,  him and his family moved to Milan, Italy due to his parents work. Foti was not afraid of such transition, as he learned to speak  Italian very quickly and made friends easily. This effortless adjustment could also be attributed to the fact that both of his parents were Italian and some of his family members also reside in Italy. Even though Foti had a smooth new start, one the biggest changes he had to face was getting used to the school system of Milian.

“There are more subjects there, which leaves no room for lunch. In total, there are 12 subjects. There is Latin, Philosophy, and Art which are mandatory classes,” he stated.

Unlike in the U.S., the schools in Milan are conducted six days a week; this means school is from Monday through Saturday. The average school hours are 8A.M.-2P.M. During Saturdays, school is only four hours long. A major difference between the education is that students can choose which school they would like to attend. There are multiple high schools that focus on one specific subject in which the students are mostly interested.  Since Foti is fascinated by science, he chose to take part in a science school.

One other major change for Foti was learning to adapt to the new lifestyle and environment Milan brought. For example, the houses in Milan were not very large. They were mostly apartments that had no backyards. The best way to describe Milian is that it is the New York of Italy.

“The people are always in a rush and don’t have much time to stop and communicate with each other,” shared Foti.

Even though Milan was so fast paced, Foti misses it. He also misses the many foods and places that Italy had to offer. Rome was one of his all-time favorite locations. He liked the fact that it was the opposite of Milan. He liked its calm and peaceful surroundings. Also, Foti was intrigued by its rich history and art; many of the buildings and streets are still standing since the construction of Rome, centuries ago. Other than Rome, Foti misses one of his traditions with his friends. On Saturdays, they would hang out by the plaza called di San Lorenzo.

Even though Italy has been his home for many years, Foti decided to move back the year of 2016 so he can pursue his education further and get his college experience in the United States. He didn’t have a difficult time to adjust to Lodi. His prior residence in the United States and his many visits back made it fairly easily for him not to forget the ways of America. Foti Vesho has brought a part of Italy with him and for that he will be one of the many reasons for LHS’s growing diversity.