Kindness is Contagious

Dear Lodi High,

Selfless, kind, respectful. These are the characteristics to describe a certain individual who walks amongst you throughout the halls of LHS; an individual who has done nothing but try to help the people around her. Random acts of kindness can go a long way. This person doesn’t want or need recognition; however, here at the Rampage, we believe such acts should be acknowledged and rewarded.

It first began with this individual’s mother, who always stressed the idea of being respectful and kind to others. From this, she began her selfless lifestyle. At the end of each school year, this person hands out thank you cards to the lunch ladies. She gives presents to her teachers on the holidays and random letters to friends when they are feeling down, reminding them of their value. Why does she do all of this? Well that’s easy: Out of respect for those around her. It’s a simple lesson she learned from an early age –be kind to those around you. Respect is key. From that time forward, this individual has done her best to make those around her feel happy.

Everyone could use a little more positivity and love in their lives. When you see someone in the halls, smile at them. When you see a classmate, ask them about their day. When you see someone upset or having a rough day, ask them how you can help. And when you see someone all alone and sad, be their shoulder to lean on.

We all could use a role model, an underdog, someone who does great things without expecting anything in return. It’s sometimes the smallest acts that make the biggest difference. But what about this individual who does all of this giving? Shouldn’t she get something in return?

Well, this is our thank you. The Lodi Rampage appreciates you for all that you do for the community and would like to present you with the Lodi Underdog Award. Congratulations, Paulette Gando! Your kind acts have not gone unnoticed. For those reading, remember we’re always watching and looking for our next Lodi Underdog.


The Lodi Rampage