A Day in the Life of Brandon Coba

Senior Brandon Coba has had a deep admiration for football since he can remember. When he first saw football games on TV he knew he wanted to be a part of it. His journey of playing football started when he was only seven years old. He is now a varsity football player for Lodi High School and his current position is running back. What Brandon loves the most about football is the physical contact and the adrenaline that football gives.

Specifically, he says, “I like the running and the hitting.”

In thinking of his inspirations, Brandon is a huge fan of the NY Giants. he considers Odell Beckham Jr. one of his role models.

During Brandon’s last year of high school, football has a big impact on him. One of the many advantages that Brandon has gotten from playing football is that he has received many invites from football camps.  Also, since Brandon is a senior this year, many colleges have been contacting him.  His dream for his future is to go on and  continue playing football in college. Football has always been a part of Brandon and has made his high schools experience a whole lot better.