The Lodi Rampage

2017-2018 Staff

Jennifer Santos


Q: Why did you want to be in Rampage? A: "I find it very interesting and the Rampage makes me feel part of LHS!" Q: What's your favorite food? A: "My favorite food is Sancocho Dominicano." Q: What is your favorite place? A: "My fa...

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Emily Herman


Q: What’s your biggest goal for this school year? A: Emily’s biggest goal for this school year is to be recognized as a part of the top 10 in the class. She’s always wanted to be on top. Q: What career are you thin...

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Caterina Messina


Q: What do you like to do outside of school? A: Outside of school Caterina likes to bake desserts, workout at the gym, and spend time with friends. Q: Where is someone most likely to find you in LHS? A: This might sound ...

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Shivangi Mistry


Q: What are you looking forward to for your senior year? A: Shivangi wants to make new memories and have the best year in high school. Q: Where do you want to go to college and what will your major be? A: Shivangi want...

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Jazz Oliveras


Q: What are your favorite things to do on your spare time? A: Jazz loves to read, especially mysteries, suspense, and horror stories. She also spends most of her time working at a local pizzeria, Napoli’s, and when she ha...

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Sunbul Khurshid


Q: What are your major goals for your senior year? A: Sunbul wants to maintain her 4.0 GPA and be accepted into a good college. She is also looking to get a job and wants to start volunteering at a hospital. Q: What maj...

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Jennifer Mahon


Q: What is your favorite hobby? A: Jen’s favorite hobby is photography. She enjoys it because it is unlimited and can be done at anytime and anyplace. It has helped her find parts of herself and what she loves to do. Q...

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Michelle Wilson


Q. What do you see yourself doing in the future and why? A. "I see myself working in a physical therapy office. I would want to help people get better." Q. Does having a popular brother as a teacher in the school give ...

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Kelsie Hannavi


Q: If you can be any animal, which would you be and why? A: "A cat because they are wise in a quiet way and they’re cute!" Q: If you were offered a free plane ticket to any place of your choice, where would you go? A: "...

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Mikeal Miller


Q: If you can describe yourself in one word, what would it be? Why? A: "I describe myself as funny, because I know how to make people laugh."  Q: With all the different positions the Rampage has to offer which one would you want to be p...

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Yasmin Elfeky


Q: How do you feel with balancing school, AP classes, sports, and work? A: “It is very overwhelming, but I keep it under control because I’m good with my time management.” Q: When is the best time to eat and your favorite t...

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Keyla Crespo


Q: What are some things you like to do in your spare time when you are not in school? A:  Keyla, like almost every other student, spends her spare time watching some of her favorite shows on Netflix and taking several nap...

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Mikela Lickollari


Q: How has high school been so far? A: The days are pretty long for Mikela and she thinks it's just scary that we have to start growing up. Q: Do you enjoy your classes/are you adjusting to them? A: For Mikela It’s e...

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Elizabeth Haddad


Q: What do you plan on achieving by the end of the school year? A: By the end of the school year, Elizabeth would really like to get her license, raise her GPA above a 4.0., and, most importantly, create a lifetime of fun ...

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Robert Clark


Q: What would you like to pursue after high school? A: After high school, Robert would like to attend a community college. Robert is undecided but in college he will like to pursue either nursing or theater. Q: What would ...

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Emma Bernardo


Q: What is your biggest worry about senior year? A: One of Emma’s biggest worries about senior year is not being able to keep track of all her due dates. Staying on top of her assignments is very important to her.  Q:...

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Joan Spirollari


Q: What is something you are looking forward to doing this year? A: I’m looking forward to the upcoming soccer season. Q: Have you set any goals that you have wanted to accomplish by the end of the year? A: I want to get into ...

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Michael Cangialosi


Q: Do you have a hobby outside of school, and if so what is it? A: “Yeah I do. I make videos on my free time.” Q: What are you looking forward to for this upcoming year? A: “I’m looking forward to taking advanta...

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Julia Guinto


Q: What has been your greatest accomplishment in high school so far? A: Julia’s greatest accomplishment was making the varsity softball and tennis team during her sophomore year. Q: Name something that annoys you the most? A: J...

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Steven Malki


Q: Why did you want to be a member of the Rampage? A:  Steven wanted to be a part of the Rampage because he felt like he could do more fifth period than just go to lunch and he expressed much interest joining. Q: Who’s y...

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