A Day in the Life of Rochelle Hernandez

Valentine’s Day is a day where the air is filled with love. It is mostly a day to spend with a significant other. Rochelle Hernandez, a sophomore of LHS, has been through a few memorable Valentine’s.  One of Rochelle’s best Valentine’s Day was in seventh grade. At this time there was a boy who had a crush on Rochelle. When she went to school she received a big teddy bear and chocolate from him. She found this very sweet and it made her quite happy. A Valentine’s Day, however, that Rochelle did not enjoy much was when she spent it by herself and stayed in bed all day. 

Rochelle hopes that this Valentine’s Day is the best one yet. She plans to hang out with her boyfriend.  All she knows is that she will be going to his house and, from there, he has surprises planned for the day.

“At first we were mutual friends.” Rochelle and her boyfriend were friends when they first meet this past August. Later they began to become closer. They started to talk more in November. During the middle of December, they finally began to date. 

A well spent Valentine’s Day for Rochelle would entail having a fancy dinner with a significant other. However, she is simply excited to spend the day with her boyfriend!