A Day in the Life of Jason Lambe 

Valentine’s Day is nearby and, senior, Jason Lambe is one of the many students that had a well spent Valentine’s day and one that could have went better.  Jason’s best Valentine’s Day took place when he attended middle school. During seventh grade, Jason was together with a girl name Donica. Their relationship was complicated as they were on and off again for a period of time. On Valentine’s day, they were not together but they still spent it with each other. Jason remembers very clearly how when the hallways were empty, they went to the staircase where there was a clear view of the parking lot. They looked outside at the parking lot and said Happy Valentine’s Day to each other. Donika than gave Jason a kiss on the cheek. After school, Donica and Jason ordered pizza and played Mario Kart for the rest of Valentine’s Day.

Jason worse Valentine’s Day was when he spent it all alone. At first, he had plans with a girl, but later the plans were canceled. Jason had a backup plan with his friends, which also got canceled. Later, Jason and his brother made plans to hang out, which didn’t go well either as they also got canceled. 

In thinking about this day, Jason shared, “Valentine’s Day is a day that is spent with  someone you care about.” Jason’s ideal Valentine’s Day is a day that is spent simply. In the end, all that matters is that it is spent with someone that matters to you. It can be a significant other, friends, or family.