A Day in the Life of Anthony Samaniego

img_1095Lodi High School is not just a school for learning, but it is a place where someone can meet many people from all parts of the world. One of the many students is Anthony Samaniego. Anthony was born in the South American country, called Peru. February 24, 2010 was when Anthony and his family made a life changing decision when they decided to move to Lodi, NJ. This transition was a bit difficult for Anthony.
“It was hard to adjust. I did not want to go to school because I had no one to talk to,” he said.
Even though change was not easy for Anthony, he was glad that it happened. Anthony’s family came here for many opportunities. One of them was for work. In Peru, there were not many chances to get a job. Other differences that Anthony had to overcome was the school system.
“Education is good here but much better in Peru,” he stated.
Peru’s education was much more challenging and it had a better impact for Anthony than the schools of the United States. The school hours are also different. His school in Peru starts at seven in the morning till one in the afternoon. The teachers are the ones who go to the classroom not the students.

Other differences that Anthony discovered when he came to America was the people and culture. In Peru there are many different carnivals and parades that represent the culture of the country.

“The people in Peru are much nicer. Here the people sometimes are a bit unkind,” he said.

Anthony misses his country and its culture. He misses his friends and, mostly, he misses his dad. After seven years of not seeing Peru and his dad, Anthony will finally visit next year.