The Lodi Rampage

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Akyra Rice

Akyra Rice, Author

Q: Now that we're back to school what did you do over the summer?  A: Although Akyra said that she mostly worked over the summer, she  also found time to go to different beaches such as Keansburg and Sandy hook.

Q: I'm aware you're currently employed. Where do you work and how do you like your job?  A: Even though Akyra likes a job because of her coworkers, it is a hard job working at Aeropostale, because you have to constantly rack shelves and deal with different customers.

Q: With Cheering season right around the corner, are you excited about your senior year of cheering? A:Akyra's excited to be in charge and make a difference for the other underclassmen in cheer.

Q: You seem like a person who enjoys traveling, what's your dream vacation?  A: Akyra’s dream vacation would be Jamaica, mostly because it isn't the usual vacation spot that everyone chooses.

Q: What do you consider your two best qualities? A: Akyra chose her personality and gap as her two favorite qualities.

Interviewed by Bryan Williams

All content by Akyra Rice