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Justin Clancy
Q:What are you most looking forward to now that it’s your senior year?  A: Justin is very excited about the spring musical. Since he is a senior and this is his last time to shine on Lodi High School’s stage, he wants to end it with a big bang!

Q:What made you interested in Drama Club? A: Drama Club drew Justin’s attention because of the diversity of students who were in it. The club seemed extremely welcoming due to the variety of people.

Q:Do you enjoy being a twin? A: Justin does enjoy being a twin because it has it’s perks and it’s incredible how people with similar genetic makeup can be so different.

Q:Is there anyone in particular that you look up to? A: Justin looks up to Ms. Gillenson, a former teacher and assistant coach (Drama Club) at Lodi High School, because she helped him get through high school not only as a teacher, but also as a friend.

Q:What is your favorite TV show?   A: Justin’s favorite TV show would be American Horror Story. He gives it a big thumbs up and would recommend it. P.S. You should watch it too!

Interviewed by Paola De La Cruz

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