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The story of the Dakota Access Pipeline has swept across the nation and abroad all social media platforms. All political parties seem to have a view on whether or not the proposed pipeline is good for America. In short, the pipeline itself would transport 450,000 plus barrels of crude oil daily from Williston, North Dakota to Pakota, Illinois.

The pipeline was proposed in 2014 and if construction continues, would ultimately cost $156 million dollars in sales and income taxes. It would also create over 12,000 jobs in construction, as it would be connected to other pipelines in Illinois.

To say the pipeline is dangerous is a vast understatement. In reality, DAPL should never be constructed and must be stopped immediately.

In recent months, locals and unarmed protesters have been at the site of construction in Standing Rock, North Dakota. They are not only up against construction, they are facing heavily armed police and a military presence. Tanks and assault rifles are located all over the site. Keep in mind the pipeline is supposed to be built on Native American property.

You read that correctly. This pipeline is being built on Native American land and in many cases ancient burial grounds. Just imagine if a Walmart was built on your loved ones grave site. DAPL’s environmental dangers are just as worrisome as it’s humanitarian dangers.

DAPL must come to an end. It is being built on stolen property, and is not an issue of Republicans, Democrats or Independents– it is an issue of human rights. It is an issue every American should know about and be concerned about. The police presence on location is ridiculous.  Nationwide protests have passionately, but quietly begun as a result of this epidemic.

The natives themselves are living in a vulnerable time. In many cases, natives are simply praying when they are being pepper sprayed and even shot by police for trespassing on their own land. Riots between b0th groups are not uncommon. The riots must also stop. It is through productive conversation that change can transpire.

By signing the petition below, you can do your part in stopping DAPL’s construction from moving forward.


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The following video comes from NBC News and gives some perspective from locals on how they feel about the pipeline.