Meet the Music of LHS Choir!

Meet the Music of LHS Choir!

This school year, the LHS Choral Music program has been introduced to Ms. Anna Petrillo, the new choir director! She has big plans for this school year. Her experience with music has a storied past, and when it comes to teaching, this is not her first rodeo. In fact she has taught at a plethora of schools prior to this year.

In discussing her career path, she shared that realized she had a love of music since she was a toddler. “I have gravitated toward music for as long as I can remember.” Music was probably most significant to her when she started taking piano lessons in fourth grade. “That really pushed me and inspired me to further pursue music.”

She loves listening to and teaching all types of music, with the exception of country. Music, ultimately, led her to college, where she attended William Paterson University for Jazz Performance. She is also in the process of making her own personal music! She has been recording her own music as of this past summer.Her own music is expected to go public in about a month’s time. Her music consists of lush-sounding jazz tunes. Ms. Petrillo is also an avid songwriter and has experience writing her own choral pieces.

Through her perennial past and love of music, it is more than just music to her; it is family. Ms. Petrillo shared, “There is something so pure about connecting with other people through music. Choral music brings people from all walks of life, all backgrounds, races, and religions together to sing and exist as one voice, one unit. If I can give my students even an inkling of a feeling of that euphoria, I will have fulfilled my purpose.”

The Lodi Rampage wants to welcome Ms. Petrillo and wish her a successful first year at Lodi High School.