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Jonah Balagtas
Q: If you could be any animal what would it be? A: Jonah would easily be a lobster. He said he would enjoy a peaceful lobster lifestyle on the ocean floor and he hopes he wouldn't end up in a cooking pot.

Q: Where do you like to eat? A: This question may cause Jonah to think for a second but there is one place that is near to Jonah’s heart. That establishment is Jolly Bee. He also recommends that anyone who goes should try the chicken and the peach mango pie.

Q: Who is your favorite musician? A: Jonah’s favorite musician is Miles Davis. Despite being a bass player, Jonah finds the tone of Miles’ trumpet to be his favorite. He finds the way Miles phrases his music and the way he plays to be inspirational.

Q: Is music something you are passionate about?  A: To this Jonah would respond with an instant “yes”. He sees music as a means of expression and gets a feeling like none other when he plays his bass. Jonah also plans on pursuing this passion in the future and hopes to succeed as a musician.

Interviewed by Kyle Crouchelli

Jonah Balagtas, Administrator

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