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Hasmin Llamoca
Q:What is your favorite passtime? A: Hasmin enjoys dance and Netflix.

Q:Why did you join Rampage? A: Hasmin saw it a couple times and thought it was really interesting how students get together and help in making the school more unified through bringing news and entertainment to the school body.

Q:What Hair products do you use? A: Hasmin use a Spanish shampoo and she actually condition twice with Pantene. Remember to apply the conditioner on the ends of your hair!

Q:Who is the person you value the most?   A: Hasmin values her mom; she says her mom is everything to her.

Q:If you had to paint your room, what color would it be? A: Pale green with a white accent.

Interviewed by Jonah Balagtas 

Hasmin Llamoca, Administrator

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