17 Things To Do Before Graduation

17 Things To Do Before Graduation

Seniors, this is it. Our time at Lodi High School is winding down. In a matter of days we will say goodbye to LHS and high school will become part of our past; we’ll only have the memories left. Many of us are counting down the days and wishing that every one would go faster. Still, lets take a moment to enjoy the little things LHS has to offer one last time before June 20. To help you make the most of your last days at LHS, we, at the Rampage, have compiled a list of 17 things to do before graduation!

Spend extra time with your friends: This may be the last time you see your close friends for a while. We’re all going in different directions and it will be hard to stay in touch with one another during our new hectic schedules.

Enjoy those free textbooks: College is a costly time. You now have to pay for your textbooks instead of borrowing them for free. The books cost over $100 each.

Enjoy that whole wheat cookie one last time: Throughout college, you will be on a very tight budget. You might be eating Ramen as breakfast, lunch, and dinner for 4 years straight.

Thank your favorite teacher: That one teacher will leave a lasting impact on you. Thank that teacher for being so supportive throughout your high school journey.

Go to prom and enjoy it: This is the last formal event that you will attend with your class. Dress to impress and dance the night away!

Take lots of pictures: These pictures will help you get through your tougher times in college when you are homesick.

Participate in gym: This is the last physical education class that you will have to take for the rest of your career! Take pride in our bright orange gym shirts and run that extra lap. We’ll be sitting in our 3-hour lectures reminiscing about gym classes.

Return all materials back to school: Don’t wait until last minute to hand in all materials to the school that were given to you for FREE! You don’t want to spend your senior year by spending money on fines instead of saving for college.

Attend another school event: Don’t regret not showing your LHS pride for one last time. Show some Ram Pride at your last Ram Wars. 

Send all documents to college that you are attending: Make sure that you send everything to your college on time so that you are guaranteed a spot and proper dorming.

Watch a new TV series or read a new book: This is the only time in your life where it’s not super busy. Enjoy your personal time and catch up on a new book.

Go to community events: Your time in Lodi is soon coming to an end. You will be moving away to a new place. Go to events such as the Saint Joseph’s fair which takes place in May, or other events around town.

Use your locker: You won’t get to use a locker ever again. You have to lug around your books and materials to each class. Take advantage of it.

Take pride in graduation: You did it! You will soon be an alumni of Lodi High School. Take pride in all of your hard work and dedication.

Take it all in! These next few months are a time of lasts for us. Enjoy every moment and focus on the present. We will want to relive our days so make it count now.

Make your mark on the school: Think about how you will be remembered at Lodi High School. Will your dedication to clubs be your mark or will it be spending hours in Mrs. Y’s office?

Participate in a Lodi Rampage video: Those moments will last a lifetime online. You can watch these videos years after you graduate and reminisce about the good ol’ days.

Enjoy every moment: Make these last few months count. This is the last time to make incredible memories with friends.

The days are winding down, and soon we’ll be out in the real world. But for now hopefully with the help of this list,  you’ll be able to enjoy your last moments in LHS!