Dear Future Rampagers…

Dear Future Rampagers,

Congratulations! You have been selected to be part of the Lodi Rampage Staff. It is a huge honor and responsibility as you have to cover every event that goes on at our school. In order to be successful in this class, you have to be on top of your game at all times; therefore, we are hear to give you some advice!

When you are assigned an article, start searching for information right away! The worst thing that you could possibly do is wait until last minute for a deadline. Sometimes, when you are fishing for information for your articles, you may not get what you want. Always have a backup plan. If one idea doesn’t work, be prepared to change your idea to accommodate timing and conveniences for others.

Another important thing to remember is that you should set a general calendar for yourself in the beginning of the year to prepare yourself for the entire year. Write down important events that are happening in our community so that you know when to cover it. Also –when you are brainstorming ideas in the beginning of the school year, don’t have them all published by October. When you get toward middle of the school year, you may run out of topics. Keep those creative thoughts for a later edition!

The software may be confusing to use at first so don’t get frustrated! Spend some time getting used to it and try out the tools! There are also tutorials that you can easily access on the page once you log in! It’s a fast and easy way to learn more about the website!

For those of you covering clubs and events, stay on top of all of the events that are going on in our school. You will be very busy in the beginning and end of the year so remind yourself of time!

For those writing about arts and entertainment, always be on the lookout for the latest movies, books, and places! Rate a book or a movie! Make a DIY video! Be creative!

In the Spotlight is in charge of covering all of the departments in the school. Make sure you cover every teacher in every department. You don’t want to leave anyone out! And be creative!! Look at what past years have done so not to repeat similar ideas.

Sports people should always stay on top of your game (pun intended)! You have to cover sporting events, keep track of scores, and highlight star players! If you don’t know much about the sport you are covering, ask your peers; Rampage always has a diverse group of journalists! If you are highlighting students,  interview people that usually don’t get recognition! The greatest feeling is being rewarded for your hard work!

Advice people, be honest about the advice that you are giving! Try to give advice to all grade levels! You can focus on certain grades during some editions, but try to make it as general as possible! The advice doesn’t always necessarily have to be serious! Be creative in giving advice!

If you are ever having trouble with ideas or need some help brainstorming, refer to previous years of the Rampage! Don’t copy the idea exactly— reflect on how you can improve it to make it better!

Well, there you have it! Keep these tips in mind when you are writing articles or creating videos! Be creative and make every moment count! Make the school proud and showcase all of the memories! As Gia Manno, a Rampager of two years, said, “If you have fun, it won’t feel like your working at all. This class will teach you so much about life and who you are as a person. Make sure you take advantage of that!”

Best of luck on the Rampage, Rampagers!



The Advice Column of 2017