Helping Hands During the Holiday

Hasmin Llamoca

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Helping Hands During the Holiday

During the holiday season, many people, myself included, can sometimes confuse the holidays as a time of good deals, the best sales, and coupons. Focusing on these aspects of the holidays too much can lead to a bad case of the holiday blues. So what is the true meaning of the holiday season? Here, at the Rampage, we believe it’s doing good for others. Therefore, this year, we are encouraging everyone to get involved and give back! Not sure where to begin? Don’t worry — The Rampage has some ideas!


  1. Goodwill Donations
  2. The Salvation Army
  3. One Warm Coat
  4. Community Food Bank

These are not the only charities who accept donations! Throughout the school year there are constant opportunities to donate or do some good, such as the blood drive, toy drive, and book drives. Keep on the lookout for these opportunities throughout the year!