Next Stop: College Tours

Next Stop: College Tours

College: Seniors cringe at the word. Applications, scholarships, and stress are first to come to mind when hearing the word. Still, college is a new chapter in everybody’s lives. But where do we start? There’s so many aspects to the college process that it becomes overwhelming. But we’re here to help! The college process is only as frightening as you make it seem. If you’re absolutely dazed and confused, start by going to the college itself. Visiting a campus can help you make your decision if you want to go to that particular college. The best part is some college will actually give you a fee waiver for signing up for either a campus tour or an open house. But how and where do you sign up for an open house?

First Step: Go to the college website and check the schedule of their available dates. Usually, the campus tours take place during the weekday, and open houses take place during the weekend.

Second Step: Schedule an appointment with your guidance counselor and ask for a College Visitation Form so your absence from that day can be excused.

Third Step: Go to the college visit. Make sure to pay attention to the campus, the programs they offer, and the student life! You should even look for clubs, events, and sports. After all, this is going to be your new home after LHS.

The process is as easy as these three steps. Now all you have to do is go find colleges and start signing up for campus tours!