From Jersey City to Lodi


During the summer of 2016, Tramier Younger moved to Lodi from Jersey City. As a junior in high school transferring to a new school is incredibly difficult. It’s a challenge most juniors don’t want to take on, but this wasn’t the case with Tramier. The Rampage was able to interview him to find out a little more about him. In our interview with Tramier he talked about the the various reasons for moving to Lodi, the main two being his father and a better education. ¬†Tramier was familiar with Lodi before enrolling in LHS, but he didn’t expect the hospitality he would receive. The teacher/student relationship seemed important to Tramier who said, “If you treat the teachers right, they’re going to treat you right, if you help them out, they will help you out.” Lodi offers Tramier a better education than Jersey City. When talking about his old town, Tramier mentioned the differences between Lodi and Jersey City. He talked about the violent environment of Jersey City school system and the contrast of a quiet town like Lodi. When asked about his future plans, Tramier spoke about sports and the various instruments he plays: keyboard and drums. If Tramier could give advice to any transfer students, he said, “Continue to be yourself and continue to focus on your success.” The Rampage wishes Tramier success here at LHS and hopes he enjoys LHS as much as we do!