The Lodi Rampage

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Joanna Salgado

Joanna Salgado, Writer

Q: What is one song you never get tired of listening to? 

A: Westcoast Collective by Dominic Fike.

Q: Are you excited about joining the Navy and what made you join? 

A: Oh yea, I’m really excited that I joined the Navy. I can’t wait to go. I joined because I have family in the Navy and other branches of the Military so they inspired me to want to join. I’ve kind of always wanted to join the Navy since I was younger so now I’m just going through with it.

Q: What is an irrational fear you have? 

A: I think my irrational fear is heights because I get a little scared if I’m high up on something without being buckled in. I’m okay with roller coasters because I’m locked in, but I hate seeing how high it goes so it just depends I guess. 

Q: What do you see yourself doing after the Navy? 

A: When I retire from the Navy I’ll be 38, so, I hope I’ll have a family by then and be settled down. I’ll probably get another job in the Meteorology field too just to keep my money up. 

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