Athletes After Practice


Athletes spend a great deal of time at practice or at games but what do they do on their free time? There are some athletes who are always exhausted and will take a nap wherever their body takes them. There are some players who go home and can’t wait to relax and binge on Netflix until it’s past midnight and too late to even attempt to start doing homework. Of course, there is the AP student-athlete who will, dreadfully, squeeze in homework at any moment they can, in the halls and even in the locker rooms. Then, there are teams who will meet up at a restaurant or someone’s house to stuff their faces with all of the carbs and foods they can find; after all the work athletes put in during a practice, eating anything and everything is the way they replenish their bodies. The gym rats will always go to the gym after practice to get in a cardio or weight lifting session. Then, the super athletes, a rare breed of human, will practice even after the team practice; it does not matter if they train by themselves or with others, they will always put more hours in to improve their game. Finally, there are those emotional athletes who get overwhelmed by what happened in practice and will let it out through tears streaming down their faces. Watch the video above and decide what kind of athlete are you after practice.