Keeping Up with the Captains (Fall Edition)

Joanna Salgado

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Diane Diaz

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Lodi High School’s fall sports have officially begun and are going full force into the new season. Although every sport trains differently and requires dissimilar skills, they all have one thing in common, leadership. Being deemed captain is fulfilling, but hard work is essential to maintaining this title. A captain is a role model to the rest of the team who tries their best at every practice and game. They are there in order to support the team and help make improvements. Our varsity football team is led by juniors Joey Velardi and Ayden Lyubimov and seniors Chris Diaz and Gabe Herrera.  Senior Jonathan Arias and junior Joshua Bueno are captains of the varsity boys soccer team. The cheer team is run by Michelle Guerra, Alex Rodriguez, and Kylie Bernardo. Natalie Romero and Maria Viedman hold the title of captain for the girls tennis team. There are two teams this season that have not named specific individuals as captains, instead all of the seniors are leaders. Girls volleyball has seniors Madelyn Carrascoza, Catharina Campos Miranda, Patricia Rodriguez, and Laura Morato. The seniors for girls soccer are Sam Gutierrez, Juliana Motta, Diane Diaz, Anna Sancilio, Natalie Parra, Sarah Green, Cierra Roberts, Brielle Roberts, Kayla Dingle, Olivia Russo, Sofia Rojas, Camila Dias and Kayla O’Hare. All the fall sports have strong leadership that will help Lodi compete at the best of their ability. Fall sports still have a while before the season ends, and with these captains it’ll definitely be an exciting time! We wish every sport the best of luck in fulfilling their expectations this fall.