Parents in the Stands

Joanna Salgado

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Diane Diaz

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Each high school athlete has grown up with a totally different type of parent. There are some athletes who have the unfortunate time of having a sports crazy parent who will yell at them for every little mistake they make during practice or especially a game. This type of parent is basically their coach. On the other hand, there is the parent who is always spreading positivity for the whole team no matter what happens. Sadly, there are also parents who will not show up to games. There’s also that one parent who is always excited and will bring snacks for the whole team. Confused parents are the funniest because they will yell whatever comes to mind even if it does not pertain to the sport their child is playing. Some parents just do not care about the sport their child plays. They just make a short appearance at the game to show support and probably leave half way through. Then, of course there is the parent who will argue with the refs for any bad call they make. Each athlete can categorize their parent into a stereotype. Even if it is not in this video, each parent has their own way of acting with their kid athlete. Without further ado, enjoy Lodi high school students acting as the typical parents of athletes.