Gobble Games

Diane Diaz

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Joanna Salgado

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“Get ready, get set, GOBBLE!” Forget about eating turkey and all the other good food. Sit back and watch LHS students and staff show their competitiveness in Gobble Games. Students and teachers, both, participate in the following Thanksgiving games: Pin the Beak, Thanksgiving Trivia, Feast the Beast, and Going Ham. Within Pin the Beak, the teachers and students have to attempt to pin the beak on the turkey while being blindfolded. LHS seniors Anna Sancilio and Sam Gutierrez are questioned in Thanksgiving Trivia. Then, who doesn’t like pie? In Feast the Beast, students participate in a pie eating competition. Lastly, in Going Ham, the strongest of the strongest compete in an arm wrestling competition. Gobble Games is only the start of everyone’s Thanksgiving festivities.