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One Last Message to the Class of 2020

June 22, 2020

Senior year was not at all like expected as the year was cut short. It feels like a big part of high school was skipped and seniors got thrown into the real world. The Class of 2020 should be making the...

Keeping up with the Captains: Winter Edition

January 23, 2020

"Are you ready to rumbleee?" Winter sports have had a great start with strong leaders to keep their teams motivated. Lodi wrestling is led by, the one and only, Anna Sancilio. She started wrestling her...

Winter Time Sports

Winter Time Sports

Joanna Salgado and Diane Diaz

December 20, 2019

With fall coming to an end, a new sports seasons are upon us. This season we have girls basketball, boys basketball, competition cheer and wrestling. Although there has not been an official game, competition...

Cookie Wars

December 19, 2019

Cookie decorating is fun and relaxing are only given forty-five seconds to do it and you're competing against your friend! Not only do you have to be creative but you also have to try to ...

Holiday Whisper Challenge

December 19, 2019

During the holiday season, people can become extra merry and cheerful. Many can be found chanting and singing classic Christmas tunes, while others are experiencing sugar rushes from all of the festive...

Keeping Up with the Captains (Fall Edition)

September 23, 2019

Lodi High School's fall sports have officially begun and are going full force into the new season. Although every sport trains differently and requires dissimilar skills, they all have one thing in common,...

Meet the Future of National Honor Society

Meet the Future of National Honor Society

April 2, 2019

On Tuesday, March 19, the National Honor Society welcomed its new junior and senior inductees. Each of these students have portrayed the pillars of the National Honor Society in their own unique way. After...

Flavors of the World!

December 22, 2018

On Dec. 21, the ESL department, with the help of student government held the third annual International Festival. It was held in the cafeteria where students had to pay ten dollars in order to taste the...

Finish the Falalyric!

December 20, 2018

With the Christmas spirit brightening the lives of the students here at LHS, the Rampage decided that a little holiday jingle wouldn't hurt the soul! In this video, the Rampage decided to test a few students...

All candidates and representatives!

The New and Improved Student Government!

September 23, 2018

Every 4 years the nation votes for a new leader to take on the the responsibilities of America. However, for Lodi High School, it a different story. Every year our student government holds an election in which sp...

Lighting Up the Season!

Lighting Up the Season!

December 21, 2017

It is that time of the year again --Christmas! It is the most joyful and memorable season with all of the lights, decorations, and love. As always, the town of Lodi has a special holiday tradition for...

After Hours at LHS

After Hours at LHS

September 20, 2017

Lodi High School is back at it again with a new school year full of excitement, sports, and friendships! However, we usually forget or are simply unaware of all the different clubs available to us after...

You've Been Served: LHS Volleyball Tournament

You’ve Been Served: LHS Volleyball Tournament

April 13, 2017

On Tuesday, April 4, the senior student council hosted the annual volleyball tournament. It started with seven competitive teams: Ladies, Ke Lo Ke, Silly Gooses, Razzler Dazzlers, Black Out, "Don't Worry...

Ram's Anatomy

Ram’s Anatomy

January 19, 2017

Over the years at Lodi High School, the clubs that are formed are progressive and improving and the Pre-Med Club proves to be just that. The purpose of this club is to allow students to explore various...

A Night Under the Lights

A Night Under the Lights

October 30, 2016

On Oct. 21, the class of 2017 celebrate the annual homecoming dance. A Night Under the Lights was spent socializing, singing, and dancing the stress of this school year away. You can’t have homecoming w...