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Natalie Romero

Natalie Romero, Writer

Q: What's your dream college?

A: Stockton University. It has a really good physical therapy program and the school is just beautiful. It’s located in Atlantic City, so it’s right next to the beach. 

Q:  What do you plan on majoring in and why?

A: I want to major in physical therapy because I enjoy the idea of building a bond with patients and helping them throughout a physically tough time. I think it’ll be so rewarding to see their progress and the difference I could make in their abilities.

Q: What is your favorite season and what activities do you do during it?

A: The fall because I feel like it has the perfect weather. There are so many things to do like apple picking, carving pumpkins, going to haunted houses, having a picnic. Honestly, anything that gets me out of the house. 

Q: What are some things on your bucket list that you hope to try in your lifetime?

A: I definitely want to go to Australia and Alaska. I love sharks so I'd want to go cage diving with them. I’d want to go hiking in the Grand Canyon and the Amazon Jungle.

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