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When We Know It, You'll Know It

The Lodi Rampage

When We Know It, You'll Know It

The Lodi Rampage

When We Know It, You'll Know It

The Lodi Rampage

Angelica Herman

Angelica Herman, Editor


Q: Who is your favorite artist and why? 

A: Music-wise, I like Frank Ocean. I honestly have such a diverse taste in music, but if I had to choose one artist, I would definitely choose him. He makes different types of beats and songs that can match any type of mood. He tends to write a lot about other people and I feel like I'm a very emotional person who likes to connect with me people. So, hearing his songs, I feel like I can feel how he felt.

Q: If you could be a character from a movie, who would you be and why?

A: This is so hard...My favorite movie is La La Land and the two main characters are really into each other and they have this emotional connection. But, in the end, they both realize that in order to grow, they cannot be with each other. If anything, I'd want to be Mia (the main character) because she realizes that if she stays with her partner, then she won't be able to succeed in her career and she wouldn't be able to do want she wants. That's a struggle I've always had in my life is realizing that even though you want something, it is not always the best path for you. I feel like being Mia, I'd be able to learn that life lesson.

Q: If you were an artist, what would be the title of your first debut painting/or song? 

A: Rooftop. I'm a very comforting person and I make people feel secure and sheltered.

Q: What is a life motto that you live by? 

A: There's this motto from The Walking Dead and it's about this character who has always struggled, even since before the apocalypse. The motto is, "Just survive, somehow." That is definitely something I live by.

All content by Angelica Herman
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