You’ve Been Served: LHS Volleyball Tournament

On Tuesday, April 4, the senior student council hosted the annual volleyball tournament. It started with seven competitive teams: Ladies, Ke Lo Ke, Silly Gooses, Razzler Dazzlers, Black Out, “Don’t Worry About It,” and South Beach, all fighting for the title of the champion, and, of course, bragging rights. The first round started off with Ke Lo Ke vs. Silly Gooses, Razzler Dazzlers vs. Black Out, and South Beach vs. “Don’t Worry About It.” After Ke Lo Ke beat the Silly Gooses, they versed the Ladies. The winner’s of the first round were Ladies, South Beach, and Black Out. Round two consisted of South Beach vs. Black Out and the winners were South Beach, who then went on to verse the Ladies.

After an intense three games, the winners were South Beach. However, it wasn’t over for them yet as they had to versus the Teacher’s Team. The Teacher’s Team consisted of Mr. Romeo, Mrs. Gorski, Ms. Policastro, Mr. Mantel, Mr. Wilson, Mr. Larivaux, and Mr. Sigonolfi. However, while that may sound like an intimidating group, the teachers didn’t seem to faze the students. South Beach had won the championships and earned their bragging rights! Thanks to the senior student council and Mr. Romeo, LHS had another successful volleyball tournament.