Beginning of a New Future

On Wednesday, Feb. 7, senior Elian Guzman committed to Franklin Philips College in Borger Texas. Elian has a full ride to Franklin Phillips to play baseball at a D1 level. For as long as he could remember, Elian has worked diligently to pursue his dream to play baseball at a collegiate level with the hope of becoming a professional player on day. As a freshman, he had his first varsity hit against Woodbridge; however, even though he had been playing baseball for 12 years, he admits that he was nervous to be so young on a varsity team: “It caught me by surprise, but in the back of my mind, I was ready for the challenge.” Three years later, as a junior, Elian hit his 100th hit against Woodbridge, a milestone in his high school career. However, new challenges and accomplishments await. For instance, Elian will have to move to an entirely different state. Elian shared his mix feelings on the move stating, “One of the hardest challenges has to be the fact that I won’t be able to see my family and friends every day; but, it is also one step closer on reaching my goal.” Elian always hoped to become a professional baseball player, and he’s very excited to begin this journey with his commitment to Franklin Phillips.

The Rampage wishes Elian the best of luck! Congratulations!