Let the Racket Do the Talking


It’s a new school year and a new tennis season! The upcoming 2017 tennis team consists of nine sophomores, four juniors, and one senior. In an interview with Coach D’Alessio he shares his number one priority for this season is to reach a five hundred record and to make it to states. Senior captain, Kelise Hannavi, also, has high expectations from her tennis team this season, sharing that they are feeling confident. Being the only senior, Kelsie knows she has to step up and help the girls as much as she can to help them improve, because asย Coach D’Alessio says, “One team equals one family.” The Rampage sat with this year’s captains, Julia Guinto and Kelsie Hannavi, to gain more insight into the season.


Q: How do you feel about this season?

Kelsie: “I feel like this season will go well. Most of the girls have been practice ever since school ended and has improved greatly.”

Julia: “I think we started the season very well compared to last year. Our record is 2-3 right now, so I am hopeful that we can continue winning some more matches the rest of the season.”

Q: Who is your biggest rival this season?

Kelsie: “Our biggest rival is Garfield. Both of our teams have the same skill level. However, many players tend to lose because they are usually playing to not lose than playing to win; but this year we had to put that aside and we came out with a victory.”

Julia: “Our biggest rival is obviously Garfield. Last year, we lost both of our matches with them. We just went against them last week and won, and I’m very confident we could win again the next time we see them.”

Q: How do you prepare yourself when you have to go against tough teams?

Kelsie: “I usually prepare myself by thinking, ‘Yeah, I’m probably going to lose but I am going to try my hardest either way.’ Since it is only my second year, I embrace the fact I’m not going win many matches but I’m trying and that’s all that matters.”

Julia: “Many of the teams we go up against are very skilled. I personally like to listen to music before a match. It usually helps me focus and clear my mind. I want to make sure I’m mentally and physically prepared for these teams, so I can play to the best of my abilities.”

Q: Are there any player(s) who has improved since the last season?

Kelsie: “Definitely Rochele Hernandez. Her form and her serves have gotten so much better. Also, Maecar Lagdamen and Kristel Danan, even though they aren’t on the starting line up they have both improved tremendously and if they keep it up they’ll get very good.”

Julia: “Maria Viedman, a sophomore, has improved a lot. She is doing very well as this is her first time playing singles ever. She has a lot of determination during difficult matches. Aashka Mistry and Komalpreet Kaur also have shown improvement, so much that it has gotten them up to the varsity lineup as a doubles team.”


We wish the girls luck on the rest of their season!ย  Come out and support the girls on their next away match Monday, Sept. 25, as they take on Rutherford at four o’clock!