Q & Hey New Teachers!


The Lodi Rampage has taken an interest in getting to know their new teachers this school year. In this video, Rampage members Donny, Dylon, Kaya, Ny’Asia, Yomar, and Aashka interviewed the six new teachers of Lodi High School. These teachers were asked series of questions in an effort to know them better! In addition, we conducted a lightening round to see who could answer the most questions in 30 seconds. Watch this video to get to know these new faces you may have seen in the hallways or in the classrooms and be sure to say hello when you see them around LHS!

The new teachers this year are:

  • Ms. Curcio (Social Studies)
  • Ms. Trajkovska (Social Studies)
  • Ms. Cooper (Mathematics)
  • Mr. Deverman (Science)
  • Mr. Oulhiad (Science)
  • Mr. Rodriguez (Teacher’s Aide)