From Appreciative Teachers to Surprised Seniors


With all of the goodbyes that come at the end of senior year, sometimes saying farewell to teachers can be the most difficult. Throughout the school year, students and teachers spend a great deal of time together so it is impossible not to form strong bonds.  These seniors know that they will always remember their favorite teachers; however, the Rampage decided to show them that even their favorite teachers won’t forget them! The Rampage asked a few teachers to each choose a student who they admire and respect. The teachers then surprised these students and shared with them their admiration on camera. With senior year being one of the most stressful school years, it’s nice to hear kind words once in a while to uplift our spirits. With the school year coming to an end, this was a great way for teachers to say their goodbyes. There may be a teacher appreciation day, but this video is a testament to how much teachers appreciate their students!