The Official Senior Video: Class of 2019


Dear Class of 2019,

As June 24th approaches, let’s forget about exhausting graduation practices and the inevitable college debt; and instead, let’s take a look back at an amazing school year. The Rampage has worked tirelessly this year to make sure we had a surplus of footage, so that every single memory is captured and showcased. Whether it be Valentina Restrepo doing her outward foot pose or Matthew Bruno falling off a canoe, we made sure to include it all. The Rampage would like to thank you for your cooperation throughout the year, for letting us guilt trip you into doing cute poses for the camera or awkwardly lip syncing in the back parking lot with cowboy hats and a pickup truck. From football games to prom, no matter where you were, the Class of 2019 made sure to enjoy every single second of this senior year. Although we don’t know what is to come in the future, what we do know is that if you’re ever feeling nostalgic or just need something to watch, the 2019 Senior Video will always be here for your enjoyment. Congratulations Class of 2019…you did it!



The Lodi Rampage