The Lodi Rampage

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Leyla Durmus
Q:What are you going to miss about Lodi High School?  A: Leyla will miss all the clubs she was involved in and the sense of community that LHS provided.

Q:How would you describe yourself in three words? A: She describes herself to be witty, peculiar, and well-spoken.

Q:What are you most excited about being in Rampage? A: Leyla is excited about the writing aspect of Rampage by being able to express her thoughts for everyone to read.

Q:What advice do you give to your future self?  A: “Don’t let the opinion of others get to you.”

Q:If you could travel through time, would you go back to the past or into the future? A: Leyla would want to go into the future because she is more curious to know how the past has affected what lies ahead for her than to revisit former times.

Interviewed by Jennifer Mahon

Leyla Durmus, Editor

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