A Trip to the Poconos

As the end of the year quickly comes to an end, an event that seniors have been looking forward to for the longest time has finally arrived: the senior trip! This year, the senior class went up to the Pocono Valley Resort in Pennsylvania and had the time of their lives. The day was eventful as there was so much to do for everyone involved; from kayaking to zip lining to swimming in the pool, seniors were sprawled all over the resort enjoying their time as one big class. Besides the fact that this day was very enjoyable, it also allowed us to come together as a class for one of the last times in our high school career. New friendships were made and old friendships rekindled as laughter was shared throughout the day!

One of the most memorable moments of our high school career will definitely be the senior trip. Nabeel Ahmad had a great time and shared, “This trip was exciting and full of memories that will last a life time!” It’s wonderful to hear that so many of our students loved spending time together, whether it be singing along to throwbacks on the bus or running up to the front of the buffet to grab the brownies. Here are a few pictures from our seniors highlighting the various activities that the resort had to offer!