Ms. Yzquierdo: For All You Do, We Appreciate You!

This week is National Assistant Principal’s Week. As a way to show how much we appreciate our own vice principal, Ms. Yzquierdo, we interviewed some students with whom she has a close connection. We may know Ms. Yzquierdo as the one who’s constantly collecting sweatshirts and enforcing the rules; however, she is so much more than that. Ms. Yzquierdo started off her career at Lodi High School as a science teacher and a cheerleading coach. She’s been with LHS for approximately 30 years and has spent every moment loving her job, from teaching a classroom full of students or not using a microphone to speak to a whole class in the auditorium. An empowered and strong woman, Ms. Yzquierdo has truly inspired many students to reach their goals during and after high school. Her sense of guidance and kindness has encouraged students to overcome their doubts and hardships. Here are only a few students out of the hundreds who share how Ms. Yzquierdo has impacted their lives in a positive manner! Thank you for all you do, Ms. Yzquierdo!