Tree-mendous Lighting


The Holiday season is well upon us. Here, in Lodi, New Jersey, it began on Dec. 2, the day of the annual tree lighting. Our very own Lodi High School Choir made an appearance and performed a set of the jolliest songs they know to get the community into the holiday spirit. When the tree lit up from the trunk to the star on top, the children surrounding couldn’t contain their excitement because they knew it was time to see Santa. After waiting on what may have been the longest line in the history of the tree lighting in Lodi, the kids could not have been more eager to climb up on Santa’s lap (with the assistance of the LHS Cheering Elves) and tell the big man what they want for Christmas. 

The tree lighting proved to be another success for our community and those who had the chance to see the jolly Saint Nick, with the tree so nicely lit, clearly had a great time! Happy Holidays!