Bolstering Student Involvement


The Student Activities Fair made its debut in the Lodi High School lobby on Oct. 2. Senior, Caroline Kolenski, teamed up with intern, Ms. Cohen, Mrs. Orosz, Ms. Yzquierdo, and Mr. D’Amico to create an event that introduces students to all the different clubs that LHS has to offer. Caroline Kolenski shared her thoughts on the idea behind this event:

I wasn’t too involved my freshman year of high school. If it weren’t for my friends sophomore year, I probably wouldn’t have been as involved as I am today. I see how surprised students get when they find out about a club, but it ends up being too late to join. This idea quickly became a reality in the blink of an eye, giving a perfect opportunity to bring everyone together and show all the amazing clubs Lodi High School has to offer.

Each club had a different table set up with posters, application papers to join, and upcoming events. Student government used the event to give the students an opportunity to vote on a date for Homecoming. Other clubs, like the Senior and Junior student councils, discussed upcoming fundraisers for the school year. This event allowed students to approach any table they wanted and they were able to receive information about that club. If it were not for this event, many students would continue to lack general knowledge of so many clubs because of the little attention that has been brought to some of them. The overall goal of the Student Activities Fair was to introduce students to different clubs and show them that they could be involved in great activities at Lodi High School!