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A Lodi Quaran-Chain

April 21, 2020

Quarantine, as we know it, can be extremely boring. Social distancing and being at home is relaxing, but only up to a certain point. Although we can't physically be around each other during these difficult...

Alone But Together: Advice from Teachers

March 29, 2020

During this tough time, many of us are having difficulty staying positive and finding motivation to be stay at home students. Most can agree that it is very challenging to adapt to online learning since...

Finishing FAFSA

Finishing FAFSA

December 19, 2019

On Dec. 11, students finalized their FAFSA applications with the help of financial aid advisers from different colleges and universities. For those who don't know, FAFSA Day is an opportunity available to ...

Diving Through The Decades: The 90s

May 9, 2019

Millennials will tell you that the 1990s is the best decade. If you are a 90s kid, then you are likely to be super nostalgic when it comes to your childhood, and, honestly, we can see why. The 90s were...

Blast from the Past: Alumni Panel

Blast from the Past: Alumni Panel

January 17, 2019

With college application season coming to an end, seniors are no longer focused on meeting deadlines; now, the anticipation of what college will be like has set in! Questions about dorming, choosing a maj...

LHS Volunteering Opportunities Made Easy

November 21, 2018

As the holiday season takes over Lodi High School, we reflect on the importance of being involved within our school community. Thanksgiving is all about reminding people the importance of giving back,...

The Fear Among Us

October 30, 2018

What is it? Put simply fear is defined as an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain or a threat. Everyone fears something; fear protect...

Dubbing Through the Decades

October 14, 2018

You may have seen these teachers in the classrooms or the halls, but you've never seen them like this before! The LHS faculty takes it back to their favorite decades from the 70s and 80s with some Queen...

Mrs. Capizzi, Thank You

January 31, 2018

There are so many wonderful people who leave their mark here at Lodi High School. Mrs. Capizzi is someone everyone at LHS can count on. She has made such a difference in our school with her constant optimism,...

Christmas with CeeLo

December 21, 2017

Who doesn't love a little Christmas music around the holidays? Join the Lodi Rampage with our third annual lip dub, featuring Lodi High School’s staff and students singing along to a few holiday tunes....

Minute to Win It: 60 Merry Seconds

December 21, 2017

The Holidays are a great time for some friendly competition and lots of laughs. For these Minute to Win It games, we challenged just a few of the helping hands we have here at Lodi High School. For our...

Spooky Throwbacks!

Spooky Throwbacks!

Emily Herman, Writer

October 26, 2017

On Halloween, students usually dress up and show off their unique and creative costumes around school and while they go trick-or-treat. Has anyone ever wondered what teachers used to dress up as for Hallow...

Financing Your Future

Financing Your Future

Keyla Crespo and Jeyzliany Oliveras

October 19, 2017

For seniors, college is approaching faster than it may seem. However, thanks to guidance and their interns they have helped make this rough path a little smoother. FAFSA Day was first introduced three yea...

Pick a Club, Any Club!

Pick a Club, Any Club!

October 19, 2017

Clubs are an important part of student life here at LHS, and that's why a whole day is dedicated to them! The Club Fair is an annual event which takes place during each lunch period. Students are able ...

Teacher/Student College Connections

Teacher/Student College Connections

May 5, 2017

Our seniors have committed to their respective colleges, and as they prepare for this next chapter in their lives, they are faced with many questions about life on their new campuses. Adjusting to a new...