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Alondra Sami
Q: Are you interested in any particular major?

A: Yes, I’m interested in journalism and/or communications

Q: Are there any colleges you’re thinking about attending? If so, would you commute or dorm?

A: I like Monmouth and Montclair, and I would also like to dorm.

Q: What’s your favorite class/who’s your favorite teacher this year?

A: Digital Journalism is my favorite class so far and my favorite teachers are Ms. Sciarra and Mr. Sera.

Q: What will you miss most about LHS?

A: I’ll miss the staff a lot. I love them.

Q: Would you rather fight one giant Mr. D’Amico OR a bunch of duck-sized Mr. D’Amico’s?

A: I would probably fight the duck-sized ones. A huge Mr. D'Amico would probably kill me with one finger!

FUN FACT: I love Dunkin’ Donuts


Alondra Sami, Editor

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