Goodbye to 2014 and Hello to 2015!

There are trends that will continue on for years… and then there are some that stop as quickly as they start. So, what trends have we gone through this year?

This summer was one to remember for many seniors as it is their last summer as high school students.  One of the many trends that became popular is the high-waisted look. They could be pants or shorts, but high-waisted bottoms made a huge comeback in 2014. You could see girls wearing them practically anywhere. To wear with these bottoms is the next big clothing trend of 2014, crop tops. Whether at the beach, out to eat, or even hanging around at home, you can find girls wearing these shorter tops. In addition, overalls and cut-out t-shirts were are also trendy looks for this past year.

The ladies weren’t alone when it came to trends. In 2014 the boys were wearing drop-crotch pants all summer long, along with these interesting looking hats, known as bucket hats.

Then, there are some of the other trends besides clothing:

  • The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. It had a great message and many people went and donated money to the charity.
  • The hashtag #YesAllWoman. This hashtag is meant for women and men who are fighting for equality and letting women tell their stories.
  • The constant discussion and outrage about the ebola virus.
  • The film version of The Fault in Our Stars, which left the whole theater was brought to tears.

The 2014 Fall trends most definitely differed from the years before. Last year girls were usually seen wearing scarves,sweaters, and combat boots, while guys wore cardigans and jeans. Movies were a huge part of the fall, especially The Hunger Games: Mockingjay and The Giver. Apple came out with the new and improved iPhone 6. Many individuals waited in hour long lines to be able to purchase the advanced product. 1989 was Taylor Swift’s new pop album that became well liked rapidly. Her song “Shake it Off” debuted at number 1 on Billboard in September. Series such as The Walking Dead and Pretty Little Liars commenced once again and got the audience hooked with their cliffhangers.

Winter 2014 was definitely one for the books. It was a season full of surprises and excitement. The girls were raving over thigh high socks and over the knee boots. Meanwhile, men remained laid back and wore their Ugg moccasins. A huge trend during the 2014 Winter for girls was matte black nail color and winged eyeliner.

Trends besides clothing included the Netflix series, Orange is the New Black, the news coverage on Ferguson, Missouri,  and Robin Williams’s death.

Now that’s it,Goodbye 2014 and Hello 2015, what trends can we look forward to?

Our prediction for the Fashion Trends in 2015:

  • Rompers
  • Gladiator Sandals
  • Crop top & skirt set
  • Polo Boots
  • Knee High Riding Boots

Up & Coming Artists in 2015:

  • Fetty Wap
  • Sam Smith
  • Meghan Trainor
  • Ella Eyre

Up & Coming Movies in 2015:

  • Fifty Shades of Grey
  • Cinderella
  • Insurgent
  • Minions