Links of Love

links7The Respect Crew has created a project, known as Links of Love, to promote kindness throughout our school. “Links of Love is about acknowledging the kind acts that typically go unnoticed or receive little recognition. It’s about thanking people you forgot to thank or who you felt too awkward to say thank you to,” said Ms. Sciarra. When someone does something nice, it will be recognized by filling out a form and giving it to a Respect Crew representative during any of the lunch periods. At the end of every week, the Respect Crew will sort them out by grade. Once the forms are sorted, the acts of kindness will be written on paper made links which will be displayed around the school. The acts of kindness will be written on different colored links, and each color represents the grades as followed: Freshmen are black, Sophomores are orange, Juniors are blue, Seniors are grey, Red are faculty. Each color represents the grade level of the person who wrote the link. Links of Love will be continued throughout the school year so whenever an act of kindness is noticed, see a Respect Crew member! Mrs. Kelly stated, “Last year, the first time Links of Love were done, Ms. Sciarra and I were looking through them to make sure they were all appropriate. We didn’t come across anything that was negative. Some of them were really touching and inspirational because you don’t realize that something so simple such as holding the door for someone makes such a huge impact on them.” Links of Love is something that can positively influence our school in numerous ways and help Lodi High School become a better place!