Sadies: The Thought That Counts

Due to the unfortunately low ticket sales, the Sadies dance this year has been cancelled. 
BUT that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate and smile upon the memories made with the different Sadies proposals we saw from the ladies. Some girls went all out and they earned their recognition. Here are some of the proposals we’ve seen during school!

Allie Vazquez asked Jimmy Scalia during his lunch
Justin Arcos was sent around in a scavenger hunt to find Sukhi Kaur at the end asking him to Sadies.


Gabriella Bonilla baked her way to ask Ariela Nunez to Sadies.


Leyla Durmus popped the question during a drama club rehearsal to Anthony Bartaloni.


Jay Lynn left her boyfriend, Javier Lopez, little hints throughout the day & popped the question during his lunch period.
Adam Ortiz gets surprised at the end of the day with doughnuts and a Sadies date, Danielle Devers.